The Red Classics.

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The Red Classics

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted, however, I’m so glad to be back into the blogging world. As you might have known from my Instagram feed, I’m currently visiting Florida-the sunshine and the orange state. I miss New York City: the concrete jungle and the different shades of grey, white, and blue. So in order to channel my inner New Yorker with a European charm, I decided to go for a very classic, feminine look, using the color that I love the most: red.

In order to create a flow in my outfit, I picked out a red H&M blouse with ruffles on the sleeves. The blouse reminds me of a gentle figure which is rare nowadays because many ladies tend to go for a more sporty or grunge look. As for my bottoms, I picked out a golden H&M skirt which adds on the sparkle to the outfit. It separates the two reds in my outfit: my blouse and my oxfords.

My oxfords are the pair of shoes that you will always love: they are comfortable, chic, and add a pop of color to any outfit. I did not add any accessories besides my earrings and my favorite sunglasses, keeping it simple because the skirt makes a statement on its own. My hair and makeup were kept effortless: a large bun and cat eyeliner is all I really needed. Overall, my outfit brought me back the memories of my trip to France: the style of the people, the architecture of the buildings, and the delightful taste of the French pastries.The Red Classics The Red Classics The Red ClassicsThe Red ClassicsThe Red ClassicsThe Red Classics

Outfit Details: Top-H&M, Skirt-H&M, Oxfords-Amazon, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Forever 21. 

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Flower Power

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August's Blues

Even though summer is coming to the end, the weather is slowly coming back to normal summer weather in NYC. Not so surprisingly, it has been very hot and humid, causing the melted makeup to wash off of one’s face. New York City has always been hot and humid during the summer months, at least as long as I can remember, but this weather just makes me much happier now than it has ever had.

Today, I took a stroll downtown with my best friend, Marlene. It was very hot, and you could feel the sun on the top of our heads. Wearing dresses, and being classy and sophisticated, Marlene and I went out for some frozen yogurt and Starbucks. However, while wandering around Union Square, we found a little, wonderful Farmers’ Market, where you can see and purchase a variety of fresh, straight from the garden fruits, vegetables, and even flowers.

When we came up to one of the tomato stands, a woman standing close by asked if the tomatoes were organic. Notably, the vendors responded with a ‘no’, because lately, every single food label mentions the word organic in it even if the food is not. After that incident, I stopped using the word ‘organic’ every time I bring up fresh fruits and vegetables from different markets.

NYC has many farmers’ markets in various neighborhoods and boroughs. Each farmer’s market is diverse, yet, that is the beauty of it because you are able to buy local grown foods that you can be confident in. One of the farmer’s markets which caught my eye a couple of times has a bread stand which sells freshly baked bread in contrasting tastes. It is very delicious, and I’m thinking of baking bread myself. Why not? It will be delicious, home-made, and nothing beats home-made foods.

These farmers’ markets portray a not so visible side of the city. They expose a more tender and calm perspective, adding on that little touch of local grown and home-prepared goods. They remind me of countryside or villages, sometimes, my country of birth. As I have previously mentioned, I love exploring New York, seeing it with both, tourist’s and citizen’s eyes. You can never go wrong if you purchase a ticket to NYC, if you ask me. Trust me, it is truly worth it, and sometimes I do tend to think that it is a center of the Universe.

August's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's Blues August's Blues August's Blues

Outfit Details: Dress-Forever 21, Crossbody bag-Aeropostale, Sandals-ShoeDazzle, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Forever 21.

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August’s Blues.

Hello, my fellow readers!

August's Blues

During these past weeks, the weather has been changing quite a lot. Walking out in the morning seems to be as if it is already fall, however, as it gets closer towards the afternoon, the sun starts to come out of the gray skies making its rays reachable to everyone. So in order to experience the last bits and pieces of summer, my family and I decided to head off to the beach, and no, not to swim, but to just watch the ocean currents hit the shore.

Life reminds me of the ocean: it can be smooth and sharp, leading us towards any direction possible, giving us fresh opportunities and starts. This summer has been quite interesting. Learning many new things gave me the opportunity to realize what life really looks like at a certain age, even though I haven’t gotten the chance to view the different perspectives from any other age besides 16. Yet, I still have time, and I should not waste it because each minute counts.

All I want to say is, in conclusion, don’t waste your time on anyone who doesn’t deserve it, be yourself no matter what the situation is, and most importantly, take care of your loved ones just because they matter. All good things come to an end, yet, for the greater things to be born.

August's Blues August's Blues August's BluesAugust's Blues August's Blues August's Blues August's Blues August's Blues

Outfit Details: T-shirt-Zara, Pants-H&M, Ballet Flats-American Eagle Outfitters, Phone Case-Ebay, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel.

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Charles James: Beyond Fashion.

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Charles James: Beyond Fashion

This week I decided to properly use rather than waste my free time. I determined to explore the Met, also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My main purpose for going to the Met was to take some time for myself, and feed my brain with the gorgeous art pieces and stunning sculptures. However, knowing that the Met Ball, which occurs every year under the guidance of Vogue US, has a particular theme each year, there has to be an exhibition related to the ball’s theme. And this year, the theme of the ball was to honor the magnificent talent and wearable creations of Charles James, in the exhibition named: “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.” His evening ball gowns and later on, more casual wear were exhibited at the Met.

If you have never gone to the Met, to find an exhibition you have to guide yourself through a variety of halls and museum exposition rooms where you can find pieces from anywhere in the world. That’s something that makes Metropolitan perfect: You can reunite with parts of yourself in any corner of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As I walk into Metropolitan, I step directly into the Grand Hall where all the people, tourists and citizens, find themselves wandering around, looking up to see the ceiling and the walls. Metropolitan is one of the biggest museums I have ever seen since Louvre. I start to move toward the admissions desk, and after I got my official Met sticker, I gently stick it on, grab a map, and move on to the beautiful Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures which lead me directly to Charles James.

Before I start the exhibition, there is a variety of workshops that include a designer who shows the similar techniques of dressmaking that were used by Charles James in his designs. Watching the process makes you lose control of time or thought, and just grabs your full attention into it.Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion

The entrance to the exhibition is quite simple, which makes you wonder how the exhibition itself would be set up. To the left, you can see the beginnings of certain dresses, just like the outlined canvases for the artists, and the noted pages for the writers. Charles James managed to express his amazing ideas through the cut of his dresses, while most people cannot express something like that through color.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion  Entering the exhibition is a flow of people, mostly all of them are women of different ages and attires, however, all of them looking for the dresses. And here they are: the dresses. Most of them are various shades of rainbow,  but as  aforementioned, the feature that stands out the most is the cut of the dresses. The stitches are ideal, flat and ironed without any fold.

The dresses were specifically designed for clients with different shapes and forms, curvy and slim. It makes you feel as if you don’t have to look a certain way because the dress will be yours, and no one else’s.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion  Most of the dresses are inspired by the Victorian Era, and certain elements are taken from and used as James’s inspiration. In addition, certain fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and velvet are used in the making of each dress, some of them including braided horse hair which makes a perfect couture dress perfect.

To fully experience the exhibition, you have to be present to see each dress, its charm and flow, its bold cuts and amazing colors. Exhibitions are just like you see them, yet, add a little bit of imagination, and the world revolves around differently. If you’ll get to experience the exhibit in its last few days (it ends on August 10th), include imagination, and you’ll look at not just dresses, but at timeless creations done by Charles James.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0823 photo 5 Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0839 Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0853 DSC_0849 Charles James: Beyond Fashion

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Lady in Pink.

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Lady In Pink{This is a drawing that I took picture of. I do not own any rights on it}

Haven’t been posting in awhile and I’m already missing it! Finally, today, I’m happy to write a new post. While I was gone from blogging, some changes have taken place: I dyed my hair an ombre purple, yet, the purple faded away in a week, so now I have a standard ombre that flows from my natural brunette shades to the bleached, ombre ends. A reason for doing it? I needed a change. Everything about you changes overtime: your personal fashion sense, your hair, your attitude, and sometimes even you change as a person by becoming less or more open-minded. However, while I’m young, why not try something crazy with my hair? And for me, “crazy” meant having purple ends.

Lady In PinkLady In Pink

This weekend, I was flipping through some baby and toddler pictures of myself, and I realized that I really did change. Obviously I grew up, became more mature, and I’m still in the process of transferring from my teenage years into adulthood, but I didn’t notice how much I changed. The word change can have a variety of meanings, just like any other word in the dictionary. Change can occur without you even spotting it, or it can occur in the most obvious way possible. The transition that occurred from my kid years into my teenage years happened without me even noticing it. Only when people tell me that I changed, only then I notice how I changed.

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In Pink

In addition to changes, this weekend I found a new flea market in Downtown, Manhattan which was pretty interesting to explore (you can tell I’m addicted to flea markets). At first glance, it might seem that all of the flea markets are the same, but don’t judge a book by its cover. There were a lot of vintage jewelry, silverware, African masks, frames, watches, and small jewelry boxes. To be honest, to as many flea markets as I have been to, each one is unique in its own way. You never know what treasures you might find. So go out and explore before the time changes things around.

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink

Everything and everyone need a little change in their life. Cities develop every year, every day, every hour, every minute, just like any person does. Sometimes it might seem like everything is just stuck at its place and doesn’t progress anywhere, however, everything does gradually or rapidly evolves. If you want to change, I say: “Just do it!”, because life is too short to be stopped at one place, or not move in any direction. Every little change that happens to an individual changes them in every way possible, even if those changes are as simple as dying your hair. Purple hair gave me a little kick of confidence that I sometimes need. So whatever you wish to do, just do it because it will help the future you become the better you by learning from the experience. Just like Nike’s logo says: “Just do it!”, I mean you never know in which direction that change might lead you toward. :)

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In PinkLady In PinkLady In Pink

Outfit Details: Dress-H&M, Belt-Century 21, Flats-American Eagle, Handbag-Calvin Klein, Watch-Coach, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Flea Market. 

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NYC Diary:: Browsing the Brooklyn Fleas.

Hello, my fellow readers! Browsing the Fleas As the summer goes by, we are already on the month of July! This weekend, my family and I took a trip to the Brooklyn flea markets. I always liked to go to Brooklyn fleas because they bring out New York City itself as well as the people who live in the city. Even though I might not buy anything, I would still love to go to a Brooklyn flea, anytime, any day! Browsing the FleasBrowsing the Fleas And so, this weekend, I ended up on one of the flea markets that I love to visit in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Flea-Williamsburg. This flea is very splendid as well as charming due to the fact that it has a variety of different pieces from different decades and backgrounds. The pieces that are sold there are usually remodeled, redesigned, or restored back to their original condition. The amount of money you usually pay depends on an item or its value to the owner. The prices vary from high to low, of course, it also depends on your budget. The bigger the budget, the cheaper the prices! Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas One of the secrets that I just HAVE to tell you is that I, personally, go to flea markets in order to eat some delicious food. Just like people’s personalities, the food can vary from spicy to sweet to bitter to salty. The food part of flea markets belongs to a food network or a food market, called Smorgasburg. It is not only located in the Williamsburg flea, but it is also a main component of the East River Pier, located near the Brooklyn Heights. If you are not familiar with the Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Heights is an aged neighborhood in Brooklyn which intrigues any individual with its unique architecture that dates back to the beginning of 19th century. But going back to the East River, the East River market is revolving exclusively around food and its cultural backgrounds. You have the possibility of going from Thailand to the United States in a matter of walking distance and a couple minutes. Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the FleasBrowsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas To conclude, if you’ll ever planning to go to New York City, do not forget to visit the food and flea markets because they are a part of what makes New York City the New York City.   Outfit Details: Top-Ralph Lauren, Boyfriend Jeans-H&M, Crossbody bag-Aeropostale, Necklace-Amazon, Watch-Coach, Bracelet-Tiffany’s, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Belt-Marshalls, Ballet Flats-DV8. Thank You for reading, and have a magical week! xoxo, Fashion Caption.

Polka Dots & Sparkle.

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Polka Dots & Sparkle

Today is one of the most important days in my life. Today is the first anniversary of my blog. Of course, it is just one year, however, it means a lot to me. When I started blogging, I didn’t really think of what I might reach and do, and how it is going to turn out. I have never expected that blogging will bring me so much happiness, positivity, and creativity. Blogging is something that brings my mood up when its down; it’s something that allows me to disconnect from the real world for a little while and just think on what I want to write about next and focus on how to improve my writing for the best.

Polka Dots & Sparkle

I want to work in journalism, and blogging is just the beginning of me as a writer, as a journalist. Even though I’m proud of what I have accomplished so far, I still acknowledge the fact that there is always a room for improvement, as I have previously mentioned.

Polka Dots & Sparkle Polka Dots & Sparkle

No matter what different individuals will tell you, don’t stop pursuing and following your passion, your dream because in the end, it is your life, and you want to live it without feeling any regrets. As someone once told me, “It’s better to regret what you have already done than regret the fact that you didn’t take the opportunity of doing something.” I remember starting this blog and thinking: “What if no one will read it? Well, I’m writing for myself and for the world, but mostly it’s about me, and not about the world.” Life is too short for chasing and following someone else’s dreams, so chase your dreams and follow your passions. Your passion can bring you the confidence that you need in order to pursue and do more, create and achieve more. You write your own destiny; what you do can lead to the consequences and effects that you see today, so pick what you believe is right, yet, please don’t break the law. But overall, chase your dreams because in the end of the day, you live your life and not someone else lives it.

Polka Dots & Sparkle

Outfit Details: Skirt-H&M, T-shirt-Marshalls, Ballet Flats-Amazon, “Flip-Flop” Necklace-Roberto Coin, Statement Necklace-H&M, Bag-H&M, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Bracelet-Tiffany’s. 

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