Dad’s Jacket

Hello my fellow readers, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: the weather is everchanging, just like a true woman herself. New York City has hit 80 degrees recently (around 25-26 degrees Celsius), and then rapidly returned… View Post


Hello my fellow readers, As the residents of New York City have been gradually transitioning into fall, it seems to be that summer has decided to return for a couple of days. With temperatures rising and layers falling off, dressing… View Post

College Fashion Week

Hello my fellow readers,  Although the insane fashion month has wrapped up around the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fashion week has stopped everywhere. Living in New York exposes you to many various opportunities, and one of them, especially… View Post

New Girl

Hello my fellow readers,  Fall has finally filled the atmosphere in New York City, and the nature is inevitably keeping up with it. As the temperatures drop and the layers add on, change seems to be occurring not just in… View Post

Back to Black

Hello my fellow readers, I am more than happy to be back and to be writing a brand new post once again! Since the last post, the weather has dramatically cooled down, therefore, it is the perfect time to store… View Post