Daughter Nature.

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One of the things that I have learned already this summer is that it’s okay for things not to go the way they were planned. I’m usually a control freak, and if I say that something has to be done a certain way, it will be done that certain way. However, sometimes just giving up control and doing whatever comes your way can be more interesting, amusing, and most importantly, spontaneity. Adventures that are spontaneous can lead to doors you’ve never knocked on, and to pathways you’ve never taken.

The adventures come served on different platters, but they also come with various people: people, who you might have known your whole entire life, and people, who you have just met. My friend, Vanessa, wanted me to do just that: have an unplanned adventure. She told me she would like to go to Hudson River Park, which is a park located on the Hudson River, overseeing the state of New Jersey. On the other hand, I was aiming to go to Central Park, and walk around as per usual. Well, I’m more than glad I decided to follow Vanessa because we ended up on a beautiful boardwalk, with a mini park, meanwhile watching one of the most calming things: water. People were tanning, eating, and even canoeing, meanwhile Vanessa and I were busy shooting for the blog. It was relaxing, and it can be even seen in pictures.

I called this post “Daughter Nature” because in the U.S., just like in other countries, there is a phrase -“Mother Nature.” My dress reminded me of leaves, greenery, and for some odd reason, the flower, jasmine. To add some bold pieces, I decided to wear one of my favorite headbands that once reminded me of Dolce & Gabbana’s models, and it looks like the olive wreath, which was worn by Ancient Greeks when they won a competition in the Olympic Games. In order to compliment the headband, I decided to wear a gold handbag and gold gladiator sandals. The look in total reminds me of something earthy, thus I decided to call this series of pictures “Daughter Nature” because of my age and outfit. Silly, maybe.

As promised in the previous post, I will attempt at posting as often as I can. Currently, I’m in the process of building both of our schedules, my photographers and mine because that’s just us, New York students and part time bloggers, work. How is your summer going so far?













Outfit Details: Dress-Zara (Similar Here & Here), Sandals-Steve Madden, Headband-Accessorize (Similar Here), Handbag-Accessorize (Similar Here), Necklace-Roberto Coin, Earrings-Anjolee.

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xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

The Girl In a Black Jumpsuit.

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It has been quite a while since I have updated my blog. I feel ashamed, truly, yet I’m beyond excited about the fact that two more days, and school will be over. That will mean only one thing: more time to focus on projects, blog posts, quality content, more updates on Instagram and Facebook, and boosting up the content in general. I love my blog with all of my heart, so I would never leave or delete the website (if you thought I quit, you were wrong, my friend).

I have been absent and there are explanations to why, however, I would rather focus on some of them, and share with you some life updates that occurred in the past two months while I was absent. I have completed a series of tests that had an enormous stretch from the beginning of May to the current time. Yesterday, actually, I have finally finished my last test of the year; feels great to say that. Besides, I have been making staunching attempts at posting quality content and establishing time frames with my photographers. They all seem to be so busy these days, which is frustrating because I cannot bring content as often. However, with a positive mindset, I think I have found the holy grail of time frames, so hopefully, from now on, I will be posting often, considering it is finally summer time. In addition, I have been working on quality, which is something I have been striving for for the past year. It pains me to say it, but it is very difficult to translate your vision for the person behind the camera. I have been working on that, and the results will be on display as soon as possible. That is the promise I’m not only making to you, my fellow readers, but also to myself.

Now that I have shared with you the major details of the past two months, I’m happy to be absorbed by writing once again. I love writing articles, and you probably have noticed that since all of my work is quite long yet it contains all my effort and thought. Writing and photography are the two creative outlets that disconnect me from reality and all the constant speed of New York, and cause me to open my most interesting and sometimes secretive sides.

Today’s post takes place in West Village, one of my personal favorites of the borough of Manhattan. It has a very cozy and comfortable feel to it, while having a layer of the hidden corners of Europe and the old New Amsterdam. West Village is a place where one can find themselves on the High Line, browsing the menu of People’s Pops (organic ice cream shop), or jumping like a little kid in a space designated for a big puddle of clean water where one could step on it when it is a burning hot summer day. Then, you witness a side where each food lover will love to be: the Chelsea Market or the middle of 9th Avenue that is intersecting with Gansevoort Street. New York breathes food, and the taste and quality are a grand deal.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear my summer staple: a jumpsuit. I adore (I’m not over exaggerating here) jumpsuits and rompers during the summer, so for me, a quality jumpsuit is not a joke. I love the free feeling of the jumpsuit: it is effortless to put on, and it gives you more freedom than boyfriend jeans or sweatpants. Plus, a jumpsuit is always a better idea than sweatpants. Besides, my outfit was dark, I must admit, but there is some mystery that I like about it. My gold and black, perfume shaped crossbody bag was a great choice for a city outfit, while flats are a wise idea when you have to do a lot of walking.

As for my hair, I parted it down the middle and braided the two separate parts, while keeping my bangs on my face. I’m in a current situation of growing out my bangs, which might make me look as if I need a haircut. But trust me, it’s all a process.






Outfit Details: Jumpsuit-H&M (Similar Here), Crossbody bag-ALDO, Earrings-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Flats-Steve Madden (Similar Here).

Thank You for reading, and have an awesome day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

Girl Boss.

Hello my fellow readers,


There are often moments in life when you feel weak, and everything seems to tumble down upon you as if simultaneously and purposely. It could be more than tough to go through these experiences, especially if not many people, who you can share this with, will understand what you are fighting through. However, you can always put a mask on your beautiful visage, and display that mask to the world. Let others wonder why are you so happy, when in reality, you might be going mad and working through every single situation by yourself. Yet, I’ll always be here to support you. The comment section wasn’t merely made for comments regarding my newest outfit or my newest post, but it was also created to share feelings and express various emotions. The comment section and social media are two ways I manage to connect with you, my fellow readers, so if you ever have something to express but there is nobody around, I’m here, sitting on a New York City fire escape that is overlooking my backyard, at 8:58 PM, to hear from and listen to you.

Sometimes, even if life seems to be less perfect, you could change it up with your outfit. You do not have to be enormously rich to buy a beautiful, little spring dress, because there are always H&M and Zara sales. You don’t even need the sweet pair because there is always Forever 21. However, if you do not live in North America, you should look for stores with inexpensive designs, yet, the clothing that is being sold seems authentic, great quality, and personal. You make up a kick-ass, confident outfit, and go on with your day. There are certain pieces I keep in my closet, and when I wear them, I feel more than a teenager-I feel like a girl boss. I could conquer the world just by wearing my favorite, accurately-tailored dress, and feel more than just physical beauty. There are so many things one could feel from wearing certain clothing pieces that could not be experienced in any other way. That is the reason behind my logic that clothing is magic. It could make you feel powerful, or it could make you feel beautiful, depending on how you would like to feel on a certain day.

Clothing has power, and that is why I play around with it. The outfit that I have decided to present in this post makes me feel confident, strong, powerful, and feel like the person I want to be in the future: editor-in-chief of one of the fashion publications, however, I’m not going to reveal which one. Just like outfits, one has to keep a secret in order to be mysterious.

Karl Lagerfeld once said: “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Although this may seem rude or mean to some, I have to agree with the creative director and designer of Chanel. Unfortunately, we do not live in a world where somebody is capable to judge your inner self just by glancing at you, but, we do judge each other by how we look and what we wear. You have the freedom of wearing whatever you would like, yet, I’m choosing to express myself through different clothing items that will often not belong in the “sports-clothing” aisle or online “fitness wear” tab. The main ideas of my article are: you could fool the world with clothing, and you would be surprised when you realize that the world that seemed to be crashing down on you is not breaking down any longer. You are in charge, you are the power, and all of that could be attributed to clothing pieces you may have bought in a thrift shop (I love some thrift shops in NYC), yet, you feel as a CEO of the largest companies, or a Vogue cover girl. It all depends on you, and the mask and the outfit you choose to wear.









Outfit Details: Faux Fur Vest-Guess, Shirt-H&M, Jeans-Zara (Similar Here), Bag-H&M (Similar Here), Booties-Aldo (Similar Here), Earrings-Anjolee, Necklace-Roberto Coin, Sunglasses-RayBan.

Thank you for reading, and stay strong.

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

Forest Fairy.

Hello my fellow readers,DSC_0535

These past few days have been beyond glorious in New York City. The weather is at its sunniest and the temperature does not finally drop below 40F (5C). It is the perfect weather for biker jackets, funky pixie pants, lightweight cotton shirts, and vivid, bold colors (as displayed by my previous post).

The look that I’m ecstatic to present today is perfect for a warm spring day, however, if the wind brings some chills, the outfit can serve as a cozy protector. I have been playing around with my closet recently, and I have decided to be more bold and confident in what I wear. It can be tough at times because you do get some weird looks from strangers who are passing by, however, those are just strangers who you are probably seeing for the first and the last time throughout your lifetime. I’m not saying that I have lost my mind with outfit planning and I look like an out-of-season Christmas tree, but I would say that I’ve added more “me” into what I wear.

When I was putting this look together, I was, for some odd reason, thinking of nature and not the big city that I’m usually used to. I thought of all the greenery which will pop-up in a short while, of all the blossoming flowers of numerous pastel colors, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, especially the New York City ones. This mesmerizing blend of ideas has led to me looking like the actual me: the sparkly, bombastic me. Yet, guess what? I love that me.

Besides, the coat that I have chosen to wear is such a steal because of its intricate design yet low price. Lately, H&M has been the top of my shop-list, and I must say, their quality is brilliant. However, it also depends on which line of H&M you’re purchasing or looking at. The cheapest items, as most of you know, tend to be the poorly-made, polyester pieces. Yet, the higher the prices-the greater the fabric. But once again, there could always be exceptions to the rules.

My whole outfit reminded me of something enchanted, something as if it was written about in fairy tales, and that was the moment when I realized that I would like to shoot this in the most naturalistic place I know. Fortunately, one place I cherish is Sands Point Preserve, Port Washington. The residence of the Guggenheims, the Sands Point Preserve Beach, and the 216 acre-park are collected in one splendid place. My mind was going there, and my legs were leading the way.

Is there anything that is better than nature? New York City might be. Yet, sometimes even I, the person who loves New York City more than her hometown, need a break from the noise and air pollution. Nature is where your mind rests, and the city is where your mind works.









Outfit Details: Coat-H&M, Sweater-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Jeans-Zara (Similar Here), Booties-Aldo (Similar Here), Necklace-Forever 21 (Old, but similar here), Earrings-Accessorize (Similar Here).

Thank You so much for reading, and have a wonderful day.

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

All About Eighties.

Hello my fellow readers,


Recently, I have been able to catch some air and relax my body and mind because of a vacation, known as Spring Break. Although I hoped for unbelievable things to occur during Spring Break, unfortunately the only “unbelievable” thing that I was able to do was homework. However, that did not stop me from dropping on my couch every night and going into the grand, beautiful world of Netflix. I was able to catch up on some movies and binge watch some TV shows, which made me think of the 1980s.

“The Carrie Diaries”  has been a popular TV series in the past few years, however, because the second season had not gained enough views, the show was cancelled. I was frustrated because it followed the journey of a teenage girl, whose name was Carrie Bradshaw. Yep, the young Sarah Jessica Parker’s character. The TV show has attracted me so much because of its bright, vivid colors, bold and statement-making fashion, and of course, because of its well-developed and interesting characters! Well, it’s all no wonder because the show itself takes place during the 1980s. It has inspired me to show my colorful side because I have realized that in the past couple of months, I have been wearing so much black and neutral colors that I completely forgot about my “bright side of the closet.”

Besides, the TV series was not the only thing that had made me update my wardrobe. The weather in New York City has finally moved onto the good side, and hopefully, it will stay that way. After all of the winter hibernation that many New Yorkers-including me-have been going through, it is definitely time to go out and enjoy your life as well as your outfit choices.

The Eighties, however, are not the only thing that has inspired this outfit. In my last post, the first caption on the first image is “Be Confident.”  Often, I need a boost of confidence, and so the right outfit or shoes could do. Although these heels might seem bright and out of one’s comfort zone, they give such a great confidence boost that any girl might sometimes need. The right shoes could give the right confidence.

So in honor of the 80s and great weather, here is my-probably the brightest outfit yet. I have enjoyed putting it together, and it does have a lot of pink. Girls just wanna have fun, don’t they?









Outfit Details: Dress-Romeo & Juliet, Biker Jacket-Zara (Similar Here), Ankle Heel Booties-Alexander McQueen, Earrings-Anjolee, Necklace-Roberto Coin

Thank you so much for reading, and have an awesome day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

Class Meets Sport.

Hello my fellow readers,


If there is one thing I’ve learned in the past few days, it would be that self-doubt leads to nowhere. As cheesy and over-talked about as it may sound, I feel as if self-doubt has been something that prevents me from accomplishing my goals and following my dreams. As often as I tell my friends, my family, and you-my readers-to follow your dreams and be confident and set your goals, I tend to forget to follow my own personal goals and dreams because I have a vast lack of courage and sometimes even confidence, which both add up to a compilation of self-doubt. I completely understand if it seems difficult to approach your ideas and goals, especially when it’s something so big. However, at those exact moments you have to stop and remind yourself why are you fighting for this. Why are you aiming for something you might be anxious and scared of? Is it something that might change your life? If so, in what direction?

I pose those questions so often that my mind comes to explosions, but, if my goals are something I’m fighting for, then they are worth all of the fear, anxiety, and challenges. After all, when you will accomplish those goals, you’ll feel more fulfilled, more satisfied and that feeling will drive you for the rest of your life. Yep, that’s how I think of it. No more self-doubt; fight it and you’ll see how much will change.

As for my outfit for this post, I’m wearing a midi pencil skirt and a chiffon T-shirt. The skirt, which tightens around my hips and narrows down following the lines of my legs is tight, while the T-shirt, because of its perfect airiness, is able to balance out the bottom. Mix tight with something spacious, and it will create a perfect equilibrium in your outfit. Now, my shoes are sneaker wedges. Although they are no longer as popular of a trend as they were a few years back, they provide massive comfort while adding a bit of height and confidence to your look. Spice it up with some accessories, and you’re ready to go out and have a brunch with your girlfriends or a casual date with your beau.











Outfit Details: T-shirt-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Pencil Skirt-Miss Guided (Similar Here), Sneakerwedges-Skechers, Bracelet-Nordstrom, Earrings-Anjolee

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

The Diamond Dumbo.

Hello my fellow readers,


I’m so happy to be writing again. These past few weeks have been chaotic, however, sometimes chaotic is better than calm.

Today’s post takes place in one of the most popular locations in Brooklyn: Dumbo. You may recognize this street from Gossip Girl, an American popular TV show that takes place in New York City and is based around the New York’s high society of the Upper East side. It has always been a dream of mine to come here, and I finally left my mark there this weekend.

During these past few weeks, I was able to receive an incredible opportunity. A jewelry company, known as Anjolee, had asked me if I would be able to write a review on one of their jewelry items. I was pleasantly surprised and beyond excited because I have discovered Anjolee’s products a while ago. When this splendid opportunity came along, I have decided to do it.

Now, if you have been following my blog, you know I only put my honest opinions on the Internet. My readers are my friends, and I would not want to recommend something bad to my friends. Anjolee had sent me these beautiful studs that are featured in this post. When I first saw this pair online, I was a bit skeptical because I’m very particular when it comes to studs. I always look for more delicate stud earrings because I generally tend to go for something more elegant and more gentle, something that will compliment any outfit of mine: from day to night, from jeans to ball gowns. Therefore, when I was discussing these earrings with one of the customer service representatives, I really wanted to know their true size. Fortunately, the customer service representative was very kind to provide me with the information that I was looking for. I must tell you, the customer service at Anjolee is probably one of the best that I have had a chance of experiencing.

When the earrings had arrived, and they had arrived pretty quickly-just in four days-I was full of excitement. Carefully wrapped in an envelope that came in a box, wrapped in another box, was a small, glossy, and what-appeared-to-be a wooden box, where the studs lay. The studs were intricately placed on a white mini-stand. They were beautiful.

My ears are very sensitive. I cannot wear jewelry for long, therefore, I have to always go back to my silver or gold earrings. So I have decided to wear the earrings for some time and see, if my ears would hurt or become more sensitive. Fortunately, my ears are more than fine because the earrings that I have chosen were silver, surrounded by diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? Besides, the stud earrings don’t just come in silver; you could also order them in white gold, platinum, or gold.

Anyway, I’m beyond honored to write a review on a product of a brand that I have a been a fan for a while. As I’ve said before, I would never share a dishonest opinion with my readers. The purpose of my blog is not just to express my style, but also, share my opinions and recommendations.













Outfit Details: Pullover-Max&Co (Similar Here), Pants-Max&Co (Similar Here), Coat-Aeropostale (Similar Here), Boots-Aldo (Similar Here), Watch-Coach, Earrings-Anjolee

If you are interested in these earrings or in any other Anjolee product, you could click here for more information. In addition, you could use an anchor keyword, eternity band, to discover more of these beautiful diamond creations.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a great day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.