Pink Rebel

Hello my fellow readers, Rebellion is an act that can be expressed through many different ways. Whether it’s through art, music, or action, rebellion is always visible and powerful, however, in some forms, it is more powerful than in others.… View Post

La Petite Parisienne

Hello my fellow readers, In theory, it might be “spring,” but in practice, New York is not quite in the complete state of spring just yet. The temperatures have been playing games with my wardrobe, causing me to wear a… View Post


Hello my fellow readers, In the past few days, I have been occupied with one thing: get a new post up. I’ve been editing and editing non-stop, and then came along the writing portion of the article. Usually, if I… View Post


Hello my fellow readers, Fashion week…It’s like the Word Cup in soccer and a Super Bowl match in American football, but it is much more important for every fashion-curious individual out there. In fact, it is the most important event… View Post


Hello my fellow readers, I am more than happy to be posting again, and not after a whole week of being absent from my blog. Genuinely speaking, you have probably noticed how much I love to write and post, and… View Post