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I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: the weather is everchanging, just like a true woman herself. New York City has hit 80 degrees recently (around 25-26 degrees Celsius), and then rapidly returned back to low 50s, high 40s (8 degrees celsius), causing migraines for many, and outfit-picking headaches for all the city’s fashionistas. However, in everything that happens, you should always aim to see the glass half-full. Although the temperatures are a pain in the derriere, they are still great enough to experiment with surroundings or your closet. Wanted to pull out those cozy socks, a fall candle, and make some coffee? Now is your time. Wanted to wear that new belted coat you bought recently? Go ahead, girl. This weather serves for a perfect opportunity to do just that.

Every time sharp temperature changes occur, I always turn to my outerwear wardrobe for help. Now, I live in New York, and it does get cold here, and although I wish to own many beautiful coats, my budget states otherwise. Therefore, I tend to experiment with the coats and jackets I already own, and aim to create a new, completely different look. Whether it’s a coat I’ve shown on the blog before, or a jacket that I’ve worn hundreds of times and counting, I always make an attempt to create something new out of something that has seen the light of day numerous times. Thus, there’s always this one piece that I never not reuse for my looks-my dad’s jacket.

My dad’s jacket is a Buffalo Exchange, faux leather jacket that I tend to wear when I am off my blogging duty, and more in the casual zone. Besides, as much as I love a good bag, I also appreciate a number of pockets, and men’s jackets tend to have plenty of them. It’s a comfortable, casual, and laid-back jacket that I prefer to wear with a heeled-boot and a pullover. It serves for a perfect outfit when the weather doesn’t seem quite sure itself, and when you would like to look good, but also feel comfortable without having to wear sweatpants.

The jacket has become my favorite item that I have stolen from my dad’s wardrobe, and although I have plenty of jackets of my own, there’s nothing that feels as good as to wear a spacious, warm jacket that reminds you of your dad. Quite special, isn’t it?

So, while the weather allows you to experiment, go out there and do it. If it means digging for treasure in your dad’s or mom’s closet, or buying something unique somewhere, then go out and do it, because knowing this weather, who knows how long you have left until a snow storm comes along or a heatwave hits ya?

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Outfit Details: Jacket-Buffalo Exchange (Similar Here), Pullover-College Bookstore (Similar Here), Pants-Max&Co (Similar Here), Boots-Aldo (Similar Here & Here), Watch-Coach, Bracelet-Purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here & Here), Earrings-Anjolee, Rings-Forever 21.

Photography by Vanessa Flores.

Videography by Vanessa Flores.

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