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If you have been following my blog for a while, you already know how much I strive to better the blog, experiment with outfits, equipment, and settings in order to create a different, successful blog post. For me, blog posts are the things that let me experiment with my surroundings and my belongings, and every time I get inspired to do something, I attempt to make it come to life.

My dear friend and photographer, Vanessa, has decided that we should shoot in Times Square. If you do not live in New York City, and have never been to Times Square, you might already know how difficult it is to catch an empty Times Square. It is always packed with tourists, residents, taxi cabs, and town cars, however, there are certain times in the day when you have the possibility of witnessing a semi-empty Times Square.

On the day of this shoot, I woke up at 6:00 am, proceeded with my typical routine, got dressed, and stepped out of the door. The trains, unfortunately, were running with delays, so by the time I made it to Times Square, I was a half hour late, and saw Vanessa trying to warm herself up in the cold morning air. Yet, there were not many people out-some tourists, some cabs, some police officers, but to say that I have seen Times Square emptier than what it was that morning would be a lie.

A place that’s always filled with chaos was-for a slight moment-so calm and peaceful. For the first time in my life in New York, I was actually happy with being in the middle of what is considered to be one of the most crowded places in this city. It was almost serene, and I was utterly happy to have my friend by my side.

There are certain art pieces located in Times Square that are interactive, which lets people experience the art rather than simply witnessing it. Prior to the start of our photoshoot, Vanessa and I saw an art piece that was essentially constructed using three mirrors. Not only you were able to see yourself; you were also able to look at Times Square in a complete, indescribable manner. Life in New York is an art piece in itself, but when art pieces are located inside of one, a brand new perspective opens up, one that hasn’t been seen before.

I titled this post “Monochrome” because I’ve decided to play with two most basic yet most important colors: black and white. It’s always interesting to see how it’s possible to turn basic items into a completed look that has a certain fascination to it. The look is on the verge of having a blog-esque feeling to it, but it is more wearable and classy in its own manner. Experimentation is the key that lets you play with even the most ordinary color palette.

dsc_1567 dsc_1645 dsc_1692 dsc_1579 dsc_1569 dsc_1599 dsc_1649 dsc_1709 dsc_1574 dsc_1683 dsc_1561

Outfit Details: Coat-H&M (Similar Here & Here), Vest-Zara (Similar Here), Blouse-H&M (Similar Here), Pants-Max&Co, Ankle boots-Michael Kors, Corssbody bag-Kate Spade, Earrings-A gift (Similar Here & Here).

Photograhy by Vanessa Flores.

Videography by Vanessa Flores.

Thank you for reading, and experiment with your day 😉

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.


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