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As the residents of New York City have been gradually transitioning into fall, it seems to be that summer has decided to return for a couple of days. With temperatures rising and layers falling off, dressing up seems to be an interesting challenge. You go from wearing biker jackets to light blazers and then, back to the biker and bomber jackets. The atmosphere seems to be showing off its mood swings, however, I am taking it as a positive challenge.

I am known to typically show off my feminine, classy side yet, as of recently, I have been experimenting  with items in my wardrobe, especially since going to a fashion school forces you into a zone of inspiration and experimentation. It’s fun and exciting to see what you can do with what you already have. It’s also one of the reasons why I love fashion: it makes you think, not just process your thoughts, but think out-of-the-box and how to push your own boundaries.

Today’s outfit is quite fascinating in a sense that certain items you have previously seen on my blog, are being expressed in an utterly different outfit that has a specific persona. For instance, the heels, I am wearing actually came from my Prom look, and the bomber jacket was featured in a recent, more sporty look last week. Thinking of the items separately wouldn’t usually inspire one to combine prom heels with a bomber jacket, however, once you experiment and combine the clothing pieces, it creates a whole new look, a whole new persona. A new look allows you to present a new face to the world.

Fashion is just like life: as soon as you start letting go of stress and worries, you start focusing on the fun and the beauty of living. Every day is a beautiful in its own special way, and just like out of a minimum amount of clothes, you have got to make the most of it. Whether through clothing or through other objects or events in life, find inspiration, think outside-of-the-box, and keep living <3.

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Outfit Details: Bomber jacket-Purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here & Here), T-Shirt-Uniqlo, Pants-Max&Co (Similar Here), Heels-Ted Baker (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Earrings-A gift (Similar Here & Here), Watch-Coach, Chain bracelet-Purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here & Here).

Photography by Vanessa Flores.

Videography by Vanessa Flores.

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